Media Partners

14427_10152224687085128_2117829048_n1Strife is a student-led blog aimed at anyone in the academic community, from first year undergraduates to professors. Our thematic focus is ‘conflict’ in all shapes, forms and senses of the word. We combine history, literature, and philosophical approaches to politics (among other things) to create an interesting, informative and entertaining blog for our readers. Strife has also a peer-reviewed Journal attached to it, the second issue of which is about to be published.

To visit Strife blog, follow this link.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.42.16 PMKing’s College London War Studies Department has its own podcast, the War Studies Podcast. They were kind enough to feature our Public Relations Officers, Luciana Téllez and Hillary Briffa.


To listen to the podcast, please follow this link. 

Blogs of War is a creation of John W. Littleacb349b06c8dcffa32dcaa942714a305, it gives a critical perspective on developments in national security, intelligence, and technology. The blog has been covered by many major media outlets, including CNN, Time, The Weekly Standard, Glenn Beck, Information Week, Slate and The New York Times. John has been kind enough to publish our press release.

To visit Blogs of War, please follow this link. 

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