About CSD2014

The 2014 ‘Organised Crime in Conflict Zones Conference’ was a joint initiative of postgraduate students from the Conflict, Security and Development (CSD) programme at King’s College London (KCL) and the War Studies Department.

The one-day conference focused on transnational organised crime – a multi-billion pound global business and an area of growing international concern. The programme addressed the conflict-crime nexus and focused on three key areas of organised crime. These were drug trafficking, terrorist criminality and human trafficking. The conference objective was to address gaps in policy and scholarship, and to encourage research into this subject of growing relevance.

Having organised the first CSD Conference at King’s, we feel confident that we have laid the foundations for a tradition that will be followed by future CSD students and will soon become an important annual fixture in the London foreign policy calendar.

For a detailed schedule of the conference, please see the CSD2014 Conference Agenda.

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